Maximize your time by letting us navigate social media.

Navigating Social Media Is Hard

  • You don’t have time to let content and social management short rope you.
  • You’re sitting on a mountain of content, but aren’t sure how to organize and harness it on social media.
  • Your athletes are sending impressive climbs, yet you’re struggling to share their stories.
  • The agency you’ve hired is unfamiliar with the nuances of climbing and doesn’t know the industry.

Let Us Help You Scale

  • Our team helps you focus on your climbing brand, while we manage your social media.
  • We help dozens of climbing brands strategically utilize their content to grow on social media.
  • We publish over 100 posts a week, we know how to share your athlete’s stories.
  • Our team are dedicated climbers that know the cruxes of social media.

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How To Get Started



This is where we will work with you to build a rock-solid strategy that we can execute to reach your goals.



We will create example posts for you to give feedback on so we can further align on the vision for the content before we start posting.



We’ll then start executing our new social strategy, always giving you 2 weeks to review every post.

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In short, no. Whilst many brands will provide archive and new content on an infrequent basis, for others we are able to source content from their sponsored athletes, ambassadors, or collaborating partners. In these instances, Climbers Crag are experts at repurposing or re-presenting existing content in a more successful way, by re-editing & optimizing footage to perform better on social media.

We send invoices monthly for the previous month’s work and give all clients 14 days to pay.

Yes. All our clients have access to a custom content planner & dashboard where our team will draft all your brand’s content. We also allow you to request changes to any planned post, giving you complete transparency over what content is coming up.

Yes. We’re specialized in Instagram and believe it provides the best value to most brands, but have grown significant followings on Facebook & TikTok and we’ve applied the same testing protocols to ensure we provide you great results.

Our main strengths, aside from comprehensive pattern testing, trend analytics, and understanding the algorithm, is our focus on performance and our ability to adapt. Each post, every week, is assessed for its performance, gaining a clearer picture of what your demographic responds to best, and redesigning outputs based on what works and what doesn’t work. Being attentive, analyzing and adapting sounds like a simple skill but it’s fundamental in being ahead of the curve when it comes to growth.

On top of this we are incredibly connected throughout the climbing industry. We are working with many of climbing’s top brands, athletes, and creators on a weekly basis. This is impossible for any single freelancer to replicate on their own.

Working with our team means that we can strategize with you, by taking a medium term look at your calendar. Through close communication we’re able to see what’s coming up, plan harmonious posting with campaigns or launches, and even fairly last minute ad hoc changes can be made with some notice (we tend to work 2 weeks in advance).